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The Casual choice - "You enjoy the occasional shooter".


GoW 2 Casual mark.

Casual is the easiest of the 3 difficulties in Gears of War. Enemies are less accurate and have much less health (50% or less) compared to Hardcore, and players can kill enemies far quicker than on the Hardcore or Insane difficulty levels. The health between Allied units and players are far more balanced as well.

In Gears of War 2, enemies have the same amount of health on all four difficulties, but the player's weapons do twice as much damage on Casual compared to Hardcore or Insane, allowing enemies to be killed much more quickly. Also, it is almost impossible to die, given the fact that when you take enough damage, you will be downed, but like in Gears of War 3 mulitplayer, you are able to revive yourself.

Enemy health levels on CasualEdit

Allied health levels on CasualEdit

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