A group of cargo trucks and trailers parked outside Wrightman Base.

Cargo Trucks were used by the COG Armed Forces, specifically the COG Army, to transport their personnel, equipment, supplies and other cargo across the battlefield. The Engineering Corps also used a fleet of these vehicles to deliver cargo to the COG Army.


A vehicle that is similar to the Cargo Truck, the troop transport truck; the trucks are leaving a battle zone during the Pendulum Wars.


Cargo trucks had been used by the COG Army since the Pendulum Wars to transport arms and troops across Sera.

Retreat to the Jacinto PlateauEdit

During the early days of the Locust WarCoalition High Command ordered all COG forces in southern Tyrus to retreat to Jacinto Plateau, in which thousands of Gears and tons of cargo was packed onto trucks; some of the convoys where hit at Voslov Bridge.

Evacuation of North GateEdit

During the Evacuation of North Gate in 14 A.E., the COG used over 50 trucks and other vehicles including an Ambulance.[1] Several trucks where hit or destroyed during the Evacuation of North Gate.

Assault on LandownEdit

They may have also been used during the Assault on Landown, as during Chairman Richard Prescott's speech, several Cargo Trucks and other vehicles are parked right outside of Wrightman Base.

Notable Cargo TrucksEdit

Types of trucksEdit

  • CIC Truck
  • Fuel Tanker Truck
  • Camper Truck
  • Medical Truck
  • Cargo/Crate-Loading Truck
  • Flatbed Trailer Truck
  • Cargo Trailer Truck


Cargo Trucks were used to transport and ferry personnel, equipment, supplies and other cargo across the battlefield. They were essential to the COG Army, who needed vehicles like these to ferry all of their equipment to bases, other vehicles and Gears.

Truck variation34

Three types of the Cargo Truck.

Truck variation3

The other three types of the Cargo Truck.


  1. Gears of War: Aspho Fields pg 69

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