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Capture the Leader is a new multiplayer mode introduced in Gears of War 3. The objective of the game is to down and hold your enemies' leader for as long as you can. The leaders of the mode are Prescott of the COG and Queen Myrrah of the Locust Horde. As such, players cannot play as these two to avoid confusion between the players on both sides.[1]

The leader of the group will always make orders before they can move as regular players. For the group protecting their leader, their leader will have a blue/red star with "Protect" their leader and "Capture" the other. Once a leader is downed, he/she must be 'meatshielded' to start the countdown timer.

The leader cannot:

  • Be killed by point-blank shotgun blasts from the Gnasher Shotgun and the Sawed-Off Shotgun.
  • Be Retro Charged. Retro charges that would meet the instant kill will instead down them.
  • Commit suicide by detonating a grenade.
  • Be killed by headshots from the Boltok, Longshot, Boomshot, One-Shot or Gnasher.
  • Be killed by grenades of any sort.
  • Be chainsawed by the use of the Chainsaw Bayonet. Players who try to do this will punch them instead.

The player holding the leader cannot switch their weapons, as this would cause the captive to drop and break free. The player is restricted to their pistols only, and should take cover to allow them to hold the leader longer and should be well protected along with the leader. Players can free their leader by downing/killing the player holding their leader (shots fired at the leader will hit the holder instead), or throw Smoke Grenades at the holder, which will allow the leader to break free. The leader can also resist by pressing the "B" button, which will stun the holder for a few seconds, and also by doing this, you hurt the captor. This in turn may be used to the leader's advantage if the captor is near death; they may down or kill the captor, freeing themselves. Once the timer ends, the player can drop the meatshield or bag-and-tag.


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