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COGstaging grounds

The Main staging grounds 15 years after E-Day.

These staging grounds were one of many COG bases used during Operation: Hollow Storm. It was here that the COG forces mobilized for the Assault on Landown.


Operation: Hollow StormEdit

The staging grounds were located on Jacinto Plateau and were a day's drive away from Landown. The base had solar panels and shanty houses. The bases housed the Derricks of Rig Group 3 and Rig Group 6 and King Raven helicopter pads. Many Cargo Trucks, Assault Derricks, Centaur tanks, Armadillo APC's and Junkers were also stationed around the area. The King Ravens that the Gear squads boarded after the unsuccessful Locust raid on Jacinto Med dropped them off at these staging grounds, where they met their respective drivers and later boarded the Derricks. When all personnel and Gears were checked in, the COG began Operation: Hollow Storm and the long journey to Landown.[1]


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