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The Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy used Patrol Boats as a type of naval boat for a variety of roles, but mostly scouting, recon and patrol, as well as defensive roles. The COG Navy maintained an array of these vehicles for information gathering purposes. They were highly essential to the COG Navy, especially during the year 16 A.E.


During the time while the remnant of Jacinto was living on Vectes Island, the Patrol Boats were used effectively at gathering information about the area and even spying on the Stranded. In one instance, a fishing trawler went down just off the coastline of Vectes in an unexplained occurrence. Marcus Fenix and his squad mounted a Patrol Boat and, with several Gears on other boats, had left Vectes Naval Base and went off to search for the sunken ship. When they arrived at the coordinates, there was no visible sign of the ship. Later, however, an entire piece of the boat was found floating upside-down in the water. The piece was completely covered with black stains and medium-sized holes. Several King Ravens, including KR Six-Seven, were then ordered to pick up the piece and return it back to VNB. After this, a large part of the search party went to the coastline to search for more parts of the boat, while the others returned to the Vectes Naval Base.[1]

Known Patrol BoatsEdit


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