CNV Kalona
Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Technical specifications
Maximum speed

Unknown knots


At least one company


Amphibious Assault Ship


The CNV Kalona was an amphibious assault ship with a helicopter deck that took up a third of the ship. She, along with the CNV Pomeroy, took part in Operation Leveler.


Operation LevelerEdit

Two days before Operation Leveler, the CNV Kalona left Fesor Naval Base with C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry aboard. As the ship got under way, the Gears of C Company were informed of their objective.[1] One day later, the Kalona stopped at a position north-east of the CNV Pomeroy, and sent out four Landing Craft Tanks carrying C Company.[2] During the battle, Anya Stroud served in the CIC aboard the Kalona, providing information to the Gears as they assaulted the Union of Independent Republics research station.[3] After the battle, the last of the wounded Gears were taken to the Pomeroy instead of the Kalona, since the Kalona's doctors had their hands full working on the wounded that had already been brought in.[4]


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