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The CNV Fort Andius was a Coalition of Ordered Governments navy destroyer.


Scouting the MainlandEdit

When the Coalition of Ordered Governments began to collapse and started looking for places on the mainland to settle several different groups of refugees, the CNV Fort Andius took KR Eight-Zero and KR-239 to the coast of Tyrus and provided them with a spot to land and refuel while scouting. KR Eight-Zero headed for Anvil Gate in Kashkur, while KR-239 scouted several sites along the Tyran coast. When Major Gill Gettner reported her and Sgt. Drew Rossi's findings from Anvil Gate back to the Fort Andius, its captain contacted KR-239 and told pilot Lt. Mel Sorotki that they had a message for Col. Victor Hoffman, who was aboard the Raven. He told Hoffman that Gettner reported that Anvil Gate was deserted and ready for inhabitation. When the Ravens returned to the Fort Andius, the ship returned to Vectes.[1]


  1. Gears of War: Coalition's End pg 378

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