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CNV Fenmont
Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments



Technical specifications
  • 30 mm close-in defensive guns



15 A.E.


The CNV Fenmont was a Coalition of Ordered Governments navy destroyer.


Battle of New JacintoEdit

In 15 A.E., when a Lambent Leviathan was spotted approaching New Jacinto, the CNV Fenmont, alongside the CNV Vale of Dane, formed a defensive line in front of the harbor of Vectes Naval Base. They opened fire on the creature, with the Fenmont using her larger guns while the Vale of Dane used her 30 mm close-in, point-defense guns. The Leviathan disappeared under the combined fire, but it then re-emerged from under the Fenmont, sending the vessel flying out of the water and back down, tearing at the bulkheads and causing it to begin sinking. The Leviathan jumped onto the vessel's deck, causing it to sink even further to port, and then jumped off into the harbor.[1] The Fenmont eventually fully sank, depriving the Coalition of Ordered Governments of one of its few remaining vessels.[2]


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