CNV Chancellor
Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Technical specifications
Maximum speed

Unknown Knots


One machine gun[1]


At least one Gear squad


Patrol Boat


Locust War


The CNV Chancellor was a patrol boat in the Coalition of Ordered Governments navy.


Searching for the HarvestEdit

Nine weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto,[2] the fishing boat Harvest went missing off the coast of Vectes. The Chancellor was sent out alongside the CNV Clement and KR Six-Seven to look for her. The Chancellor was piloted by navy coxswain CPO Frank Muller, with Delta-One on board to defend the ship. KR Six-Seven located a debris field, and the Chancellor went to investigate. They determined that the Harvest had been attacked by Stranded pirates, and returned to Vectes Naval Base.[3]


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