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C-One was a workboat based out of Vectes Naval Base.


Leaving VectesEdit

In Gale, 15 A.E., when Chairman Richard Prescott chose to leave the island of Vectes and head for Azura with Lambent specimen samples, he and his Onyx Guards, Rivera and Lowe, decided to leave in a workboat called 'C-One'. After a heated argument with Col. Victor Hoffman and Sgt. Marcus Fenix about why the Chairman was abandoning the COG, Prescott headed southwest to rendezvous with a King Raven, with Lowe piloting C-One. Cmd. Miran Trescu tracked the boat in the submarine Zephyr, and when it finally stopped, Zephyr rose to periscope depth. After waiting for an hour to see if another vessel would come into contact, Zephyr edged closer to get a better look at C-One's wheelhouse. Discovering that no one was at the helm, Zephyr surfaced so Teodor Marisc could check the whole of the boat. After finding no one on board, Teodor performed an active sonar sweep for any other vessels before Trescu contacted Hoffman, informing him that Prescott had disappeared. Zephyr then towed the workboat back to Vectes.[1] Unknown to Trescu, Prescott, Rivera, Lowe, and the Lambent samples had been winched off of C-One by KR Zero-One, with Lowe having set the boat on autohelm.[2]



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