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Production information

Carmine Construction Co.

Technical specifications


Damage Per Hit

Very High to Lethal

Magazine Size
  • 15 (Campaign and Horde 3.0)
  • 10 (Multiplayer)
Maximum Ammunition


Ammunition Type



The Buzzkill is a new heavy weapon in Gears of War 4. After a small wind-up time, it fires buzzsaws for as long as the trigger is pressed. These buzzsaws ricochet off hard surfaces, tearing enemies to shreds, and can easily clear a room. However, the weapon can kill you with your own buzzsaws.[1] The small wind-up time makes it inadvisable at closer ranges, and the noise the weapon makes can alert enemies to the user's position. The weapon also suffers somewhat from the low projectile speed of the buzzsaws.

If a buzzsaw kills an enemy, it will penetrate through them, allowing for multiple kills with a single buzzsaw, especially against weaker enemies like Juvies. A good way to kill enemies with this weapon is to aim at a piece of cover immediately behind them, as it will likely ricochet towards the intended target.


The Buzzsaw's execution consists of ramming the weapon into the downed enemy's back, sawing the body in half.



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