The Butcher Cleaver was a tool that Butchers used to cut Rockworm meat and feed it to the Drones.[1] They are also used as weapons by Butchers, Cleaver Therons and Savage Therons. They are also used by Humans as melee weapons.[2]


The Cleaver is at least 3 feet long and consists of a weighty, solid metal, razor-sharp blade which dwarfs human users.

The weapon was first encountered by the COG during the Destruction of Halvo Bay, in the hands of Therons. It was again faced during Operation: Hollow Storm, when the COG invaded Nexus. It was used by Butchers for carving up Rockworm bodies for the Locust troops to eat, and Butchers would use it to defend themselves.

It was later used in an Ambush outside of Port Farrall and again in the hands of Savage Therons when Delta crossed the Deadlands. Some were later encountered by Delta during the Mission to Char and the Second Battle of Azura.


Marcus wielding a Butcher Cleaver.


The Butcher Cleaver is a two-handed weapon. It will not slow down your movements and you are also able to sprint with the Cleaver, dragging the blade across the ground. Unlike what some may say, the Cleaver doesn't restrict your ability to take cover behind objects, but it does restrain you from mantling over cover.[3]

It's good for taking out Savage Locust, especially Wretches because they run up to you in order to hit you with their claws.

The Cleaver also has its limits. It can only cut through flesh a certain amount of times. After that, the Cleaver breaks. The maximum number of times a Cleaver can cut is 12.

The execution for the Cleaver is as follows: The user slams the Cleaver on the downed opponent's arm, levers the Cleaver down once onto the neck, and then once more, decapitating the head.

Cleaver Grinder

The Cleaver Grinder from Infinity Blade II.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Forces of Nature DLC contains hidden, elementally-charged Cleavers for Horde on the new maps.
  • If the Infinite Ammo mutator is enabled, it's not supposed to get infinite ammo, but when the Cleaver runs out of attacks, the player can press B and still attack, thus having infinite ammo. As of the latest update with the Forces of Nature DLC, infinite ammo no longer affects Cleavers; elemental or not.
  • The Lambent Gunker is a mutated Butcher, and embedded in its right arm is the Cleaver.
  • NECA sold a foam prop replica of the Butcher Cleaver.[4]
  • In Infinity Blade II, the Butcher Cleaver makes a cameo as a weapon called the Cleaver Grinder. It's a heavy weapon wielded by a Butcher. The only visual difference is that the Cleaver Grinder has a longer handle.[5]


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