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"We will come through this. And, one day, we will not only discover what has happened to the rest of Sera, but we will rebuild, and we will thrive again."
— Mackin, addressing the citizens of Noroa and Galangi

The Right Honorable Bryn Mackin was the Governor of the New Fortitude Territory in the South Islands.


Locust WarEdit

Six weeks after the surrender of the Union of Independent Republics to the Coalition of Ordered Governments ended the Pendulum Wars, the Locust emerged and began attacking cities all across Sera. Mackin addressed the civilians of Noroa and Galangi over the radio, and encouraged them to stay put and conserve supplies, fearing that shortages would occur.[1] A year later, contact with the rest of Sera was almost non-existent after the island of Kaia fell to the Locust. When the Hammer of Dawn was used as a worldwide counterattack against the Locust, the New Fortitude Territory was spared, but Mackin and the others on the islands had no information as to why the Hammer had been used or if anyone else had survived. Mackin addressed the civilians of both Noroa and Galangi over the radio, telling them that the government had no clue as to the state of the rest of Sera, and that they now knew they could expect no support from Ephyra, if it even still existed. He reassured them that they were used to being cut off from the rest of the planet, and were a self-reliant community that would be able to survive. Mackin also promised that one day they would discover what had happened to the rest of Sera, and would rebuild and thrive again.[2]


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