Bravo-Three was a Gear squad that fought in a battle alongside Delta-One and Sigma-4.[1]

Squad HistoryEdit

Saving Delta-One and Sigma-4Edit

While searching the woods near Port Farrall for a wounded Drone, Delta-One and Sigma-4 were ambushed by a large number of Locust.[2] Bravo-3 was sent by Lt. Donneld Mathieson to reinforce them.[3] When they arrived, they drove the Locust into Delta and Sigma's line, where the Locust were torn apart by their chainsaw bayonets. However, a second ambush occurred, with a large number of Boomers attacking.[4] The battle ended when Sgt. Bernadette Mataki and Pvt. Augustus Cole killed the two Kantus directing the battle, although many Gears had been killed or wounded.[5]


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