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Boltok Pistol
Production information

Locust Horde[1]


Magnum Revolver

Technical specifications


Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

6 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

54 rounds, 42 rounds (GOW3)

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type



Double-Action Revolving Cylinder


Low to Medium


Short to Long


The Boltok Pistol[1] was the standard-issue sidearm of the Locust, specifically the Drones. The pistol continues the Locust weapon-design philosophy of creating weapons with an emphasis towards brute force.


It is a high-caliber, double-action revolver with a 6-round capacity, a side swing chamber and an enclosed hammer. It is heavier, slower to fire, and holds half as much ammunition as the COG-issue Snub Pistol, but does unequivocally more damage per shot and has exceptional stopping power

The Boltok is used mostly by the Locust and can cause a significant amount of damage. The Boltok fires significantly slower than the Snub, but it packs an incredible amount of power. A single shot from the Boltok was capable of decapitating a target, a testament to its stopping power.

There were specific Drone types that wielded the Boltok. It was mostly used by the Bolter, a class of Drone exclusively armed with the weapon,[2] but sometimes was also used by the Grenadier class, Theron or Queen's Guards. Even the famed General RAAM used the weapon to execute a COG prisoner in the Hollows.[3]

It was soon adopted by many Gears in the COG, chosen for its accuracy and power. Augustus ColeDominic SantiagoClayton Carmine, and Victor Hoffman were just some of the Gears that used a Boltok as their chosen sidearm.

During the Destruction of Halvo Bay, Colonel Ezra Loomis carried the Boltok as his personal side-arm, using it to great effect to kill a Locust Drone that was attacking Augustus Cole, kill a Boomer with a surprise head-shot, and execute General Karn after his defeat.


A Bolter Drone with the Boltok.


The Boltok can be zoomed in to achieve better accuracy at longer distances. Shooting enemies in the head 2-3 times will result in a headshot. If playing in Arcade or Horde 2.0 with the Super Reload Mutator on, then a single shot to the head of most enemies will instantly take their head off. This is a pretty good weapon to pair with a Boom Shield, a Meat Shield, or a close range weapon like the Retro Lancer.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Instead of a damage boost, the Boltok's rate of fire is increased if a player achieves a perfect active reload.
  • The execution of the Boltok is as follows: the user flips the Boltok, grabs the muzzle, slams the handle on the enemy's head, flips the gun again, and spins it around the finger.
  • In the Gears of War 3 demo, it is shown that the Armored Kantus dual-wield Boltok Pistols. However, in the actual release, the Armored Kantus dual-wield Gorgon SMGs.
  • The effect of the Boltok on enemies changes between Gears of War 1 & 2. In Gears 1, the kill shot can 'pop' the target's torso. In Gears 2, this has changed and the weapon only gives headshots. In Gears of War 3, however, the 'popping' has been re-instated.
  • In the first Gears of War, the Boltok's reload animation looks the same as the Snub Pistol.



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