"Shelt and Blue Troop- you go in from the back and start laying charges."
— Major Victor Hoffman handing out squad assignments during Operation Leveler

Blue Troop was a COG commando team that was led by Shelt Morgan. They took part in Operation Leveler.[1]

Squad HistoryEdit

During Operation Leveler, Blue Troop was assigned to lay charges around the facilty to blow it up once the mission was complete. Victor Hoffman and two Pesangas from Red Troop helped them lay the charges after they had finished their own assignment.[2] They laid charges in the server room and the machine shop, then moved to the upper story to rig the charges. However, the commandos guarding the Marlins called in to inform all the squads that a UIR commando team had just landed on the shore.[3] After this, members of each of the three teams became intermixed, and abandoned call signs.[4]

Known MembersEdit

Shelt Morgan

Current Status: KIA

Shelt Morgan led Blue Troop during Operation Leveler, where he was killed during evac.


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