Blow Torch
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The Blow Torch, simply referred to as a Repair Tool, was a device capable of repairing fortifications and turrets, and could be used as a close-range weapon. Damon Baird had one as part of his everyday carry as a soldier.[1]


In the multiplayer modes OverRun and Survival, the COG Engineer class has a Blow Torch as its secondary weapon. It can repair fortifications and turrets that have been damaged but not destroyed. However, turrets placed down by an Engineer cannot be repaired. It also has limited capabilities as a close-range weapon, which can burn enemies. Whilst it has unlimited 'ammunition', it must be reloaded after a short while, although the Soldier class can deploy an ammo crate that will automatically refill the Blow Torch's ammunition.[2]

Horde 3.0Edit

Horde 3.0 sees the return of the Blow Torch as one of the Engineer class' armaments, filling the pistol slot, although any other class can buy it from the Fabricator for 5000 power. Unlike Judgment, the Blow Torch doesn't need to be reloaded, although any repairs to fortifications require power which can be acquired by killing enemies. When repairing Sentries and Turrets, they will be reloaded and repaired at the same time. Like Judgment, it also has limited capabilities as a close-range weapon.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The reloading animation for the Blow Torch is the same as the Snub Pistol.
  • The execution for the Blow Torch is the face punch execution; the same as the Snub Pistol.



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