Bloodmounts feeding

Bloodmounts feeding.

"Damn, they're just straight feeding them heads."
— Cole, upon seeing the headless corpses in the stables[1]

The Bloodmount Stables were the holding area for the Bloodmounts used by Locust Beast Riders. The three Theron ranks have all been seen to ride these, and presumably use these stables. These stables are only seen in Gears of War 2, because of the introduction of Bloodmounts.


Act Two, Chapter 5Edit

Smaller, more portable stables are found where Baird is captured. However, these cages are mostly full of crates, because the Bloodmounts are instead fought before you get to them. Some of the Bloodmounts here do not have riders, possibly because they were let loose in a panicked attack by the Locust when Delta arrived without warning.

Act Four, Chapter 2Edit

These stables were located at the bottom of the Locust Palace by Delta Squad, near a lift that was the backway entrance. In this room, the player will find a supply of Bolo Grenades.[1] Humans were used as food for the occupants, with mangled bodies seen on operating tables throughout the chapter.

The Bloodmounts held in these pens seem particularly aggressive and will attempt to attack the player through the bars. The player can choose to kill these creatures if they wish, but it will make little or no difference to the actual game. The Bloodmounts in the cages will not escape and will not be able to harm the player in any way.


  • It is quoted by Cole, and seen by Delta Squad, that human heads were fed to the Bloodmounts for sustenance. This could be one of the many reasons that the Locust took human prisoners, because of the newfound use of Bloodmounts.


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