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Blindfiring is a technique used in all third person shooter Gears of War games, as well real warfare and a plethora of other games. It is done by raising one's gun around or over their cover and firing, enabling one to fire without leaving the relative safety of cover. The drawback is the blindfirer cannot see exactly where he is aiming, rendering the technique highly inaccurate. In Gears of War, blind firing is most effectively done with an automatic weapon (such as the Lancer), or a close range weapon (such as the Gnasher). One can blind-throw grenades the same way as a weapon, which can also prove effective.

Tactical Pros and ConsEdit

The good side of blindfiring is its use as a suppressive. Even while one is pinned, they can blindfire with little risk of harm. If done effectively, this can cause an aggressor to be pinned, reversing the tide of the battle. On the other hand, blindfiring is highly inaccurate, and therefore almost useless at medium to long range (although with the Longshot, it is not impossible to register long-range blindfire kills). It wastes a large amount of ammunition with a low hit ratio, and can force the utiliser to reload during a possible opportunity for an offensive.