Benjamin L. Amberley
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Around 38 B.E.

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"We shouldn't really be having this conversation. I'm obliged to advise you that planning to extract a prisoner from jail is conspiracy. But as you're my client, mentioning that unadvisable course of action remains between you and me."
— Amberley to Dom, after he asked about illegal means to free Marcus

Benjamin L. Amberley was a lawyer who lived in central Jacinto City at 86 Bastion Row. He was hired by Dominic Santiago to help free Marcus Fenix and had connections to the notorious gangster Piet Verdier.


Assisting Dominic SantiagoEdit

In Bloom of 12 A.E., Amberley was contacted by Cpl. Dominic Santiago and asked to look into the case of disgraced Gear Marcus Fenix, who had been imprisoned in the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison for desertion and dereliction of duty. After filing an appeal to the Justice Department, he was told that there were no grounds to appeal on. Amberley invited Dom to visit him to discuss their options, and informed him that since Marcus had been ruled sane and did not want an appeal, they had no grounds to appeal on. He told Dom that Marcus was being treated extremely well for where he was imprisoned, and that his sentence had already been commuted to forty years and likely would not get any better, advising Dom that there was nothing else he could do legally. Dom asked about illegal measures to free Marcus, and Amberley contemplated him for a bit before advising him of the crimes he would be committing if he went down that path, but promised to keep the conversation about it between the two of them. Dom gave him a stack of ration books as payment, and Amberley provided him the names of three operators, including Piet Verdier, who could potentially break Marcus out of jail. As Dom started to leave, Amberley cautioned him that all three were dangerous individuals and to be careful around them.[1]


  1. Gears of War: The Slab pg 261-264

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