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Benedicto Santiago
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Frost, 4 B.E.[1]

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Emergence Day

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Coalition of Ordered Governments

Benedicto "Bennie" Santiago was the son of Dominic Santiago and Maria Flores and brother to Sylvia Santiago.


Early LifeEdit

Childhood friend Dominic Santiago and Maria Flores began dating and soon conceived a child. Dominic married Maria, and she gave birth to Benedicto Santiago when they were just both sixteen. Dom then gifted Maria her pearl necklace after she gave birth to Bennie. He was named after the middle name of his uncle, Carlos Benedicto Santiago. Shortly after being born, Dom quit school and joined the COG army.

Benedicto stayed with Maria in a lower Jacinto apartment. He was one year old when his mother became pregnant again. In 2 B.E., his sister, Sylvia Carla Santiago, was born on the day before the Battle of Aspho Fields, during which their father and uncle were present, which ended with the death of Carlos. After Aspho Fields, Dom gave his late brother's Embry Star to Benedicto. In time, Dom and Maria were able to rent a house in Ephyra for Bennie and his sister to grow up. His room was adorned with little league Thrashball equipment.

Emergence DayEdit

The Pendulum Wars had ended two years after Aspho Fields, and his father was on permanent leave. Maria, wanting to give herself and Dom the day off, sent Bendedicto and Sylvia off to their grandparent's new apartment, as Benedicto was excited to meet the stray cat his grandparents had brought in. This day, however, was Emergence Day, when the Locust emerged and overran Sera. Benedicto, Sylvia, and Maria's parents were killed by the Locust. Maria and Dom were unable to bury Benedicto and Sylvia, but were able to bury Maria's parents in the family graveyard in her hometown in Mercy.


Years after E-Day, Dominic Santiago kept track of how old his kids would be if they were still alive. He mentioned that Benedicto would be eighteen years old, meaning that Benedicto would be around four years old when he died on E-Day. The impact of his death, along with his sister, sent Dom into depression and Maria into PTSD, causing her to go without food or talking for weeks at a time until she ran away from Jacinto.



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