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Benedicto "Bennie" Santiago
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Frost[1] 4 years before E-Day

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Emergence Day

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Benedicto "Bennie" Santiago was the son of Dominic Santiago and Maria Flores and brother to Sylvia Santiago. He was born when both of his parents were sixteen. Benedicto's name was taken after Dom's brother's middle name. He was one year old when his sister was born, and four years old when he moved to Ephyra and when he died with his sister on E-Day.


Early LifeEdit

The elder of the two Santiago siblings, Benedicto was an unexpected addition to the Santiago family as both parents were aged just sixteen. His father Dominic Santiago took his brother's middle name and gave it to him. His namesake was his uncle Carlos Santiago (Carlos Benedicto Santiago) who fought and died at Aspho Fields aged just 20. Benedicto stayed with Maria in a lower Jacinto apartment. He was one year old when his mother was pregnant with his sister, Sylvia. They both became good siblings and very dear to both parents. After Aspho Fields, Dom gave his dead brother's Embry Star to Benedicto. After a few years, his parents pulled off enough money to rent a house.

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Emergence DayEdit

After his parents rented a house in Ephyra, Maria sent him and his sister to her mother's while she and Dom had a day to themselves. Unfortunately, this day was Emergence Day, and Ben and his sister were killed at their grandparents' house. Maria and Dom fled to Jacinto back into their new house. As both parents are devastated, Maria was traumatized and blamed herself for their deaths.


Years after E-Day, Dominic Santiago kept track of how old his kids would be if they were still alive. He mentioned that Benedicto would be eighteen years old, meaning that Benedicto would be around four years old when he died on E-Day. The impact of his death, along with his sister, sent Dom into depression and Maria into PTSD, causing her to go without food or talking for weeks at a time until she ran away from Jacinto.


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