Beach is the seventh chapter of the fourth act in Gears of War: Judgment. It is also the last chapter of Cole's testimony.


After Troy closes the doors that lead to the Lightmass Missile, keep walking until you find the Declassified Mission.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Private Cole claimed to have defended Onyx Point beach against One-Shot wielding Locust"

Activating the mission will give you a hard time with One-Shots once again but they shouldn't be much of a problem as the beach has many defenses and you'll have learned how to deal with such enemies by now.

As soon as you reach the beach, Troy will beep again and you'll be given 1 and a half minutes to prepare your defenses and plan your strategies. There'll be several Chain Guns and Auto-Turrets around, along with Onyx ammo caches, a Longshot Sniper Rifle, a Tripwire Crossbow, a Boomshot and Bolo Grenades. You can place the sentries at the stairs and also frag tag the nearby walls. Use the turrets to kill larger enemies.

Once the time runs out, a Locust Amphibious Assault Vehicle will appear and will deploy several Locust surrounded by ink. Several Boomers, Drones, Kantus, Wretches and Tickers will come out of the vehicle and charge towards you. They will most likely fall into your traps and be killed shortly afterwards.

After they are all dead, you'll be given 30 seconds to get ready for another wave, and soon two more assault vehicles will appear, deploying even more Locust, with Grinders, Maulers, Flame Grenadiers and Mortars leading the assault. The Chain Gun is a useful weapon against such enemies and it is highly recommended to use it now.

Again, you'll be given another 30 seconds before the final wave arrives. This time, three assault vehicles will arrive (one after another) and will bring the last Locust into the battlefield and the Bloodmounts will be the most dangerous as they will go straight for you and hunt you down. Use any remaining traps and weapons against them and take down every single Locust in sight. Once all enemies are down, scavenge any weapons and wait until the chapter ends.


Just as you enter the room with the Declassified Mission, turn your back and head for the right corner where there'll be another COG Tag.


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