Biographical information
Date of birth

Created during the Pendulum Wars

Physical description and equipment



2 feet

Eye color



Ripping Mechanism

  • Robotics tools (hand-torch)
  • Cloaking shield
  • UAV
Chronological and political information

Baz was a JACK robot named by Padrick Salton after Baz, his spotter who was killed during the Locust War.


One Year After Emergence DayEdit

Baz was assigned to a squad led by Sgt. Marcus Fenix, and consisted of Pvt. Padrick Salton, Pvt. Dominic Santiago, and Pvt. Tai Kaliso. Pad reprogramed Baz to respond to the name of his dead spotter. As they drove along the Kinnerlake highway, Pad sent Baz out ahead of the squad's APC to find a route for them through a traffic jam. It scouted out a route, but also spotted a group of Locust north of their position, so when it returned to them, it took them on a long route around. When the squad discovered this, they decided to have Baz get back into the APC while they attacked the Locust it had spotted.[1] After they began moving again, the APC broke down, and Baz led the Gears through the hills next to the highway.[2]


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