Battle of Grid Echo-Five


Battle of Edlar Farm

Battle of the Vectes Imulsion Field

Lambent Invasion


15 A.E

  • COG Victory

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

  • Gorasni rig crew





Dizzy and Sam slightly injured


The Battle of the Vectes Imulsion Field occurred in the Vectes Imulsion Field on Vectes between the COG and the Lambent.

Order of BattleEdit


While searching for stalks and dead areas, Sergeant Marcus Fenix found imulsion on Vectes and the Gorasni rig crew were called in to examine it for use and determine it to need very little refining, while Staff Sergeant Lennard Parry and his men came in to examine the area for building a road for easier access. Privates Dizzy Wallin and Samantha Byrne were called in to use Assault Derrick Betty to clear the trees from the area for the road. As Dizzy did, polyps dropped out of the trees where they were hidden and assault Betty.


Sam is forced to kill a polyp that tries to get inside as she rolls up her window, but afterwards she and Dizzy are relatively safe as Betty is built like a tank. Parry calls Marcus Fenix and KR-239 for back-up, but are unable to open fire in fear of igniting the imulsion. Dizzy tries to back Betty out, but gets trapped in more imulsion while the polyps manage to get into the rig's drilling compartment. Sam climbs into the back to stop them while Marcus and Dom drop down and get the polyps attention and lure them away from the imulsion to take them out. Marcus, Dom, Parry, his men and the Gorasni rig crew successfully fight the polyps, but explosions set the trees on fire and the imulsion under Betty. While the others lay down covering fire, Marcus rushes to Betty and gets the slightly injured Dizzy and Sam out before the polyps are all eradicated.


More King Ravens are called in to dump soil on the fire and its successfully put out. Betty is retrieved and repaired within a few days and the drilling team is able to start getting the imulsion which they believe they will be able to do at ten thousand litters a day when they begin pumping.

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