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Mission to Hanover


Battle of Anvil Gate

Battle of the Deadlands

Locust War


16 A.E.




COG victory

  • Recovery of a Gas Barge used to travel to Anvil Gate
  • Savage Locust base of operations neutralised
  • Recovery of Dizzy
  • Re-encounter with Queen Myrrah
  • Discovery of the Queen's Guard

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments



  • Hundreds of Savage Drones, Grenadiers and Boomers.
  • Hundreds of Tickers
  • Dozens of Corpsers
  • One Sigebeast
  • Several Reavers
  • Dozens of Shriekers
  • Several Palace Guards
  • Dozens of Savage Therons

"See, that's what happens when you flood their tunnels. They rebuild anywhere they can."
Damon Baird, after seeing the main Locust stronghold in the Deadlands

The Battle of the Deadlands was a battle which took place in the Deadlands between Delta Squad and Locust forces whilst on their way to Anvil Gate.

The battle began soon after the destruction of the CNV Sovereign and Delta encountered a Gas Barge which they decided to hijack to get to Anvil Gate, since it was a long way to go.

On their way to the Gas Barge, Delta encountered a Savage Corpser and killed it. Once they were done with it, they found a Savage Drone carrying ammo boxes and took it down while deducing there had to be more Locust if there was ammunition and the barges were probably heading to a base somewhere near. They fought several Savage Locust outposts on their journey. They even managed to use a Siegebeast to clear an entire area of Locust before finding the Savage Locust's base of operations. They discovered that they were building a new home in the Deadlands and multiple Gas Barges were bringing in supplies and more soldiers.

After this, Delta had to take out several sentries guarding the main door so they could sneak inside undetected. They took down several Locust units inside before continuing through the trenches. A Gas Barge attempted to pin down the Gears at the trenches but they managed to evade its shots. After dealing with more Locust, they found a Ticker storage area where they killed another Locust unit. Afterwards, they entered a Ticker assembly line in which they discovered the process that the Locust used to turn them into living mines and managed to use the creatures against their masters by shooting them down on their heads. They entered another area and were forced to fight another Corpser, along with more Locust, before moving on.

They later found out a Corpser's nest in which they had to battle several hatchlings before finishing off the mother; shooting her eyes and leaving her for dead as the cave collapsed over her. After getting out of the nest, they were surprised to find that Queen Myrrah was still alive. The Queen's Guard arrived at the scene but were not able to stop the Gears from reaching the landing tower.

They then proceeded to capture the Gas Barge after fighting Palace Guards who tried to stop them. As they left the now-clear Savage city in the Gas Barge, they encountered Dizzy fighting Locust and helped him out. They then headed on for Anvil Gate, but were forced to fight against numerous Reavers and Queen Myrrah appeared again and attacked the Barge with her Tempest. The Barge crash-landed near Anvil Gate and Delta were picked up and taken there in trucks, arriving just in time for the Battle of Anvil Gate.

Locust War
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