Battle of Noroa

Locust War


9 A.E.


Noroa island

  • Depopulation of Noroa island
    • Continued guerrilla warfare until evacuation to Galangi island

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust symbol Locust Horde




Coalition of Ordered Governments Army





"We're not Stranded. We just lost radio contact"
— Cpl. Hugo Muir

After the Battle of Kaia, a mass exodus from that island led people to Noroa island, including Gears from the 5th Kaian Grenadiers. Around 9 A.E., the Locust Horde attacked Noroa island with full force and killed most of the population except for a small band of survivors lead by Bernadette Mataki. The Locust returned to Noroa, looking for supplies and raiding the towns on the island. Only fifteen civilians and a handful of Gears were left on the island and the occasional Stranded that visited.[1]

Guerrilla warfareEdit

"Do they have mothers? Families? I hope so. I want them to suffer and grieve like we have."
— Bernie's inner thoughts before killing a group of Drones

In the summer of 9 A.E.,[2] Bernie, along with two Gears of the 5th Kaian, watched a group of twelve Drones moving a bakery delivery van down the road so it could be stripped for parts. The island of Noroa was stripped of all its valuable resources by the Horde.[3] Bernie lined up the first Drone, while Darrel, Hugo, and Miku took up positions for the killzone. The Gears opened up on them while Bernie was able to can a headshot on one of the Drones, while the rest either bolted or took cover. Miku was able to kill the three Drones that retreated.[4] The Gears converged on the truck to find a Drone alive inside with a crossbow bolt in his chest. Bernie executed the Drone, making sure that if there was a grub “medic”, this Drone would never kill another human.[4]

Leaving NoroaEdit

The group decided they would have a better chance on Galangi island, as it was protected by an abyssal trench, until a Stranded came to the island asking for water. The Stranded was surprised to see Gears since Chairman Richard Prescott ordered a recall to Jacinto. Hugo tried to get the idea out of Bernie's head that she could return to her old unit - the 26th RTI. But no matter what Hugo said, Bernie needed to return. She loaded up supplies and headed for the mainland while the rest of the camp survivors left for Galangi.[5]


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