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Emergence Day

Battle of Mattino Junction





Mattino Junction city



Locust Horde





At least one Packhorse





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The Battle of Mattino Junction was a battle in the city of Mattino Junction; Locust Forces emerged there and fully engaged the COG for control of the city. The COG military enacted a movement restriction so the Gears did not have to worry about civilians getting caught in the cross fire. Dizzy Wallin almost made it into the city to find his wife, Lena Wallin and his step son Richie Wallin. A group of Gears in a polar camo Packhorse stopped him from entering the burning city and was able to talk him into the truck and headed back to a safe area, the squad leader in the packhorse searched Richie COG tags and found out that he was killed in action.[1]


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