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Battle of Ephyra

Locust War




Ephyra City




COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust symbol Locust Horde


Colonel Victor Hoffman





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During the first hours of Emergence Day, Locust forces were able to attack the COG's capital of Ephyra. The whole city along with it main Government Center was attacked. Colonel Victor Hoffman, along with his personal escort, was attacked outside the House of Sovereigns. A Gear squad, led by Corporal Minh Young Kim, was able to break through and save Colonel Hoffman and Anya Stroud from emerging Locust forces. Colonel Hoffman ordered Cpl. Kim to escort him and Lt. Stroud into the COG capital building while the rest of his squad defended the capital building from advancing Locust forces. The Gear squad would be wiped out almost to the last man (Kim managed to survive due to being with Hoffman and Stroud) after the Hammer of Dawn went offline over the city.

Battle of EphyraEdit

In the early hours of E-Day, Ephyra was simultaneously attacked along with every major city on Sera. The Locust Horde whole the Seran people never knew existed was surprised and shocked at the subterranean enemy. The whole city was soon turn into a "redzone" as the Locust attacked every area in the city.

Hoffman's ConvoyEdit

Director of Special Forces Colonel Hoffman along with Lt. Anya Stroud was in a convoy heading towards the COG's capital building the House of Sovereigns when several Locust forces attacked them. Corporal Kim and his squad advised Lt.Stroud to diverted the convoy since the capital building was a redzone with heavy Locust activity. The convoy was stopped at the front entrance of the House of Sovereigns by an ambush of Locust troops. Cpl Kim's squad was able to arrived in time to save Hoffman and Stroud but a Locust Corpser emerged from the Hollows. Hoffman ordered a Gear to grab the Hammer of Dawn from the back of a van in the convoy, and to turn it on the Corpser in order to kill it.

Corporal Kim's squad last standEdit

Several blasts from the Hammer of Dawn were able to kill the Corpser, clearing the way for Stroud, Kim, and Hoffman to enter the House of Sovereigns. Meanwhile, Kim gave his squad orders to hold the Locust back, which they proceeded to do after using the Hammer of Dawn to beat back attacks by Reavers, Boomers, Drones, and wretches. However, after several Reavers were blown apart by the Hammer the satellites over the city went offline, allowing a Reaver to get close enough to the Gear squad to kill them. Corporal Kim, however, was able to survive due to his absence from the main battle.


"By nightfall hundred of thousands where dead. Emergence Day had earned it name. Like many of you I was only a child then. It was a dark terrible time and our victory was in no way assured."
First Minister Jinn reflecting the beginning of the Locust war on Victory Day.[2]

Over twenty five years after the end of the Locust War, First Minister Jinn of the restored Coalition would reflect upon E-Day and the battle for Ephyra city in a victory speech.[3]


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