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Battle of Estana


Skirmish outside the Wire

Battle of Ephyra

Locust War


Frost, 10 A.E.

  • Decisive Locust Victory
    • Successful evacuation of city population[1]
    • Most of Ephyra captured by the Locust Horde, with the exception of the northern boroughs[2]
    • Locust failed to captured Adam Fenix[3]

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust symbol Locust Horde

  • Heavy
    • Most of 4th ELI
    • Mobile Artillery
    • Centaur Tanks
    • Kings Ravens
    • Unknown amount of civilian casualties, though the evacuation of the city population was successful.[1]

Unknown, likely high

"You dicked around and cost men's lives, Sergeant. Like I never did? You cost us Jacinto. Your father just snapped his fingers, and bang, you leave your men and stroll off with the targeting laser. You think that doesn't make you an asshole, at the very least? You got a buddy like Dom, who'd shit his last drop of blood for you, who put you first even when his wife went missing, and you do that to men depending on you? "
— Hoffman to Sgt. Fenix, after the Evacuation of North Gate at Wrightman Base, on what happened at Ephyra

The Battle of Ephyra was a major battle that took place ten years after Emergence Day (10 A.E.).[7] It was a massive battle, with COG armed forces making a desperate stand to hold the city against tens of thousands of "Grubs" and Boomers, at least a thousand Reavers, and numerous amounts of BrumaksSeeders and CorpsersCOG High Command and COGIntel originally thought that the Locust would have to travel across the surface from an area outside of the Jacinto Plateau in order to invade Ephyra. However, there was an unidentified fissure under the Jacinto Plateau that was only discovered just before the Locust began their assault.[citation needed] The Locust were able to penetrate through the surface and move through the metro stations and enter the city.[6] The battle ended with the southern part of Ephyra under Locust control, the northern part under COG control (until 14 A.E.), many Gears and civilians were killed during the battle, and a large amount of COG military hardware, including weapons, vehicles, equipment and supplies, were either destroyed or in Locust hands.[2]

Order of BattleEdit


"And we know it’s comin,’ baby. Sooner or later. The big one."
Augustus Cole on the impending assault on Ephyra

Around eight or nine years after Emergence Day, the Locust launched an assault upon Ilima City, personally led by General RAAM. The Locust hoped to invade and capture Ilima City to use as a stepping stone for a massive invasion of Ephyra City. The Locust were able to capture and occupy the city, which no doubt lead to the inevitable invasion of Ephyra.[8] In 9 A.E., the COG was bracing for the impending attack on Ephyra and the military had already set up the logistics for relocating to Jacinto City in the event that they might lose Ephyra. Some, such as Augustus Cole, had referred to the possible Locust assault on Ephyra as "the big one" and indeed, the battle would be massive in scale. The Locust Horde was gearing up for the attack on the COG capital and began building railways and bridges to move troops near the city.[9]

The BattleEdit

The BreachEdit

"...KR-Four, Reavers, inbound at...Exchequer...Prince' least a thousand."
— KR Four-Nine reporting in the second visual of Locust forces moving into Ephyra[10]

The Locust Horde reached Ephyra city in the Locust War's tenth year. They were able to dig their way past the rocks of the Plateau and so were able to overrun the city. Before the battle begun, COG forces assumed that the Locust would have to move across land in order to assault Ephyra, however, since the metro stations running through Ephyra were shut down, the stations were not under surveillance by COG forces; thus, the Locust forces were able to find a fissure to breach through without being detected. The Locust forces rapidly moved through the metro stations and began assaulting the city. At the beginning of the battle, it was estimated that nearly ten thousand grubs were in the city, along with numerous numbers of Reavers, Corpsers and Brumaks.[10][6] The battle was particularly bloody as the city was both the capital of Tyrus and of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.

Battle at Chancery BridgeEdit

Eventually, groups of COG forces had fallen back towards Chancery Bridge as Locust forces were making a massive push in order to take the city. Marcus Fenix received a distress call from his father and boarded a King Raven, with Dominic Santiago, to Haldane Hall. However, Marcus Fenix took the targeting optic with him, and left the rest of the targeting device at Chancery Bridge. The Hammer of Dawn targeting device was left inoperable. The fighting there would nearly destroy any chance that the COG had of winning the war until four years later when the Lightmass Bomb was used. Colonel Hoffman personally went to the bridge to destroy it with the laser which was difficult but not impossible without the optic. However, it was too late to stop the Locust force and destroying the bridge just prevented more reinforcements from coming. With the help of Anya Stroud, who provided covering fire despite her lack of training, Hoffman managed to rescue two Gears from the bridge, doing it all with a head injury.

Last Stand at East Barricade AcademyEdit

The Gears stationed at East Barricade Academy led a last stand effort that was nearly successful. However, Marcus Fenix received a distress call from his father, leading him to abandon his post, taking with him the targeting laser, in an attempt to save his father.[11] This action was carried out at the cost of his fellow Gears and left Jacinto open for attack.[12] Marcus and Dominic Santiago battled the Locust at the Fenix Estate, but Adam was apparently crushed to death by falling debris when the King Raven coming to pick them up was shot down.[13]


"Santiago is an exemplary soldier and one of the most courageous men I've ever met. But even with his outstanding record, I can't recommend his promotion to corporal. His loyalty to Fenix may well exceed his loyalty to the COG. Even if it doesn't, then his decision to testify for Fenix must call his judgment into question, However... even if I have refuse his promotion, I'll state privately that this is a man I can only admire for his refusal to abandon a friend, knowing what it would cost him."
— Lieutenant Colonel James Amstin, assessing Private Dominic Santiago shortly after Marcus Fenix's court-martial

With the fall of the Southern half of Ephyra, the Northern part was still under Coalition control, so all of the government buildings, including the House of Sovereigns, were still running and thus the government was still effective. The evacuation of the city population was successful.[1][2] It would be another four years until the COG could mount up an effective offensive, in the form of the Lightmass Offensive.

Marcus Fenix was put on trial for cowardice and would have been executed if not for his exemplary two tours of duty in the Pendulum Wars and Dominic Santiago testifying in his favor. Fenix was sentenced to 40 years' imprisonment in the Slab, the COG's most infamous prison, while Santiago's loyalty to the COG was questioned by his superiors for his decision to defend Fenix. Dominic Santiago, Anya Stroud, Jace Stratton and Tai Kaliso would work during their off-duty hours to help get Marcus out of prison over the next four years,[14] which would eventually succeed during the fourth year when Dominic Santiago rescued Marcus during the Battle of the Slab.[14][15] It was later revealed that Adam Fenix survived and was abducted by Chairman Richard Prescott and taken to the island of Azura where he eventually developed a weapon, the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, to destroy the Locust Horde and the Lambent.


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