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Mission to the Pirnah Badlands


Operation Hollow Storm

Battle for Fucked

Locust War


14 years after E-Day


COG victory


COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust symbol Locust Horde

  • Unknown
  • Locust raiding party (5-6 Drones)
  • None
  • All forces
"Turns out there were still some Locust raids...they attack occasionally, every few months, apparently the same squad of drones, there to obtain supplies and ammo...but this time...this time they got a nice surprise."
Jace Stratton, on the upcoming battle for Fucked

The Battle for Fucked was a small military skirmish between Delta-One and a group of Drones at the Stranded camp known as Fucked.

Order of BattleEdit


Like all Stranded camps, Fucked was the frequent subject of Locust attacks, despite its close proximity to Jacinto. However, it was comparatively safe until the Lightmass Offensive, which pushed the Locust to the breaking point and forced them to step up their raids on Stranded camps.[1]

Delta Squad arrivesEdit

Delta-One was en route to Montevado when they were shot down over the Dorado Hills. When they met up with Jonboy on the outskirts of the camp, he told them of the situation and promised them a junker if they killed every single attacking Locust.

The BattleEdit

As soon as the Drones emerged from their Emergence Hole, Delta-One killed every single one of them, thus ending the Locust threat and gaining the junker.


Aftermath of fucked

The aftermath of the battle.

Delta-One now had a means of transport to Montevado. In addition, Jace Stratton asked Sgt. Fenix if they could take Lily, a young Stranded girl, and help to find her family, who were lost in Montevado.


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