This article is about the Real World

The Battle Cam is a conglomeration of views that players that have died may choose to look at. There are many things you may do while watching:

  • Static Cam has been upgraded from Gears of War. Now, you may move either thumbstick to move the camera around, while pressing the Right Trigger/Left Trigger changes to a different camera. It also automatically zooms in on player(s) that the game deems important.
  • Follow Cam is exactly what it sounds like. Pressing the Right Bumper/Left Bumper changes to a different player on your team, but on Wingman, it may change to an enemy player if your wingman is killed.
  • Ghost Cam is a cam that allows players to free roam the map. You can change into Ghost Cam by pressing *X*, and use the Left and Right Thumbstick to control it. In Gears of War 3 Horde Mode, you can also spot enemies and weapons to help your teammates.
  • Camera is a still frame shot one may do by pressing *B* in any of the above cams. Photojournalist is an achievement that a player can get by taking a few pictures and uploading them via War Journal/Photos.

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