Batten Down the Hatches is the fourth chapter of the fourth act of Gears of War 3.


New enemies:

You and your squad are right outside Endeavor Naval Shipyard. Large numbers of Locust attack you, mainly Palace Guards, a few Shriekers, and some Boomers. Clear them out quickly before proceeding, as there are two waves of enemies to fight off. Remember to use the Torque Bows and Lancers that the guards drop to deal with the other set. Once inside, search for a suitable submarine. The first one is completely rusted and unusable, and has webs from an unknown source.

Leave the submarine bay and go to the next one. As you go to an open like area, a Palace Guard releases two Giant Serapedes on you. Kill them by shooting their tail, and avoid being cornered by them. While fighting them, two Snipers will appear from the sides, and should be killed quickly. Once all the enemies are dead, open the sub bay doors to find a fine submarine that just needs a rotor and fuel. The next chapter starts as you need to choose which to find first.


  • Tabloid: Cross the bridge made of wooden pallets and look for a blue container with a white COG Tag on it, which should be to your right for a side entrance.
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