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Doctor Barry was a trauma surgeon at the Jacinto Medical Center and a friend of Anya Stroud.


Drinking at the Rusty NailEdit

"I'm sorry. Look, I know. I was out of line. Okay? Forget I said it. I'd better go."
— Barry to Anya, after trying to feel her up while drunk

In Bounty of 11 A.E., Barry went to drink at The Rusty Nail following a shift at the Jacinto Medical Center and spotted Lt. Anya Stroud sitting by herself at the bar looking sad. He sat next to her and asked if she was okay. She told him that she was waiting for Pvt. Dominic Santiago, causing Barry to assume they were on a date. Anya corrected him and told him that Dom was in the city trying to raise money for disgraced and imprisoned Gear Marcus Fenix's appeal. Anya asked him if Jacinto Med had ever received inmates from the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison as patients, and asked what kind of state they were in. Barry downed his drink before answering, and asked her if she wanted to hear what she wanted, or the truth. Anya told him the truth, and Barry reluctantly told her that the biggest cause of mortality at The Slab was inmates stabbing or beating each other to death. He noted that he had only seen three inmates at Jacinto Med since he started, and that the only people left there were the hardened inmates who had beaten the two year average. Barry asked her if she had heard from Marcus since he went inside, but Anya informed him that Marcus had told her and Dom to forget he existed and move on, and wondered how she was supposed to do that. Barry pointed out to her that she was young and gorgeous, and could have any man she wanted. Anya retorted that the only man she wanted was Marcus, but Barry placed a hand on her thigh and told her that if she waited for Marcus, she would "heal over" before she got laid again. Anya responded by punching him in the face, and he rocked by, shocked and sobered by the punch. Anya yelled at him that that did not matter, and that he should keep his hands to himself as everyone in the bar turned to watch them. Barry apologized for what he did and said he was out of line, and told her to forget about it. He then quickly left The Rusty Nail in shame over his drunken actions.[1]


  1. Gears of War: The Slab pg 209-212

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