Gears of War 3 horde 2.0 Laser Fence

The Large Laser Fence defense system.

Barriers are one of the six different types of defense systems in Horde 2.0. When Horde 2.0 was first unveiled to the public and the Xbox community, it was seen that the new Horde Mode in Gears of War 3 would be completely revamped with a ton of new additions. Horde 2.0 included a whole new system of defending your encampment, which included different types of fortifications, building and repairing them, and a currency management system, which forced the player(s) to think strategically about the defense of their base against the Locust Horde. One type of fortifications are known as Barriers. Barriers are the first-line, primary defense-systems used against the Horde. They are used to slow down enemies from getting to important places in your base, and getting to the interior of the base. Types of barriers range from simple caltrops to highly advanced laser fences.

Locust-Barrier Wojtala

Locust barrier.

Types of Barrier FortificationsEdit

There are four different types of Barrier fortifications and two different sizes for Barrier types, Small and Large, that can be used in Horde 2.0. There is also a Locust Barrier used by the locust in various campaigns.

  • Caltrops
  • Razor Wire
  • Electrified Barrier
  • Laser Fence
  • Locust Barrier (Campaign Only)

Barrier Fortifications and their UpgradesEdit

The aforementioned Barrier comes in two sizes; Small and Large. The Large Barrier has no defensive and protection advantage to the Small Barrier, but does cost more by - usually twice as much, e.g., The Small Caltrop costs $500, while the Large Caltrop costs $1,000; the Small Laser Fence costs $3,000, while the Large Laser Fence costs $5,000.

Fortification CostsEdit

  • Upgrade 1: Caltrops
  • Small: 500
  • Large: 1,000
  • Upgrade 2: Razor Wire
  • ​Small: $1,500
  • Large: $2,500
  • Upgrade 3: Electrified Barrier
  • Small: $2,000
  • Large: $4,000
  • Upgrade 4: Laser Fence
  • Small: $3,000 
  • Large: $5,000

Progression to next Fortification LevelEdit

  • Level 1-Already Unlocked
  • Level 2-To Unlock: Spend $2,000 on Barriers
  • Level 3-To Unlock: Spend $8,000 on Barriers
  • Level 4-To Unlock: Spend $20,000 on Barriers
  • Level 5-To Unlock: Spend $45,000 on Barriers
  • Level 6-To Unlock: Spend $75,000 on Barriers
  • Level 7-To Unlock: Spend $120,000 on Barriers
  • Level 8-To Unlock: Spend $170,000 on Barriers

Fortification Level UnlocksEdit

  1. Level 2-Spike Barrier Repair Costs 8% Less-Level 1 Decoy Unlocked
  2. Level 3-Razor Wire Barrier Unlocked
  3. Level 4-Razor Wire Repair Costs 8% Less-Level 1 Turret Unlocked
  4. Level 5-Electrified Barrier Unlocked
  5. Level 6-Electrified Barrier Repair Costs 8% Less
  6. Level 7-Laser Barrier Unlocked
  7. Level 8-Laser Barrier Repair Costs 8% Less


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