The Assault Barque[1] is a naval vessel designed and used by the Locust Horde to transport troops and equipment to land on a hostile or potentially hostile shore. The Barque takes its propulsion from a Reaver which is fused to the hull of the vessel and its mechanism, similar to that of the Siegebeast. When the Barque opens, it releases a cloud of ink for yet unknown reasons, though this might be the fuel source of the boat.


Locust WarEdit

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Kilo leaves the Barque they hijacked in the channel near the Warf District.

Destruction of Halvo BayEdit

During the Destruction of Halvo Bay, General Karn used several Assault Barque's to transport his troops across the coast of Halvo Bay and presumably to also attack the Endeavour Naval Shipyard and Onyx Point. Kilo Squad, through yet unknown circumstances, hijacked and used one of these Assault Barque to reach the coast of Onyx Point so they could locate the Lightmass Missile kept inside the fort.

When the Gears tried to leave the island, a large group Barque's landed several  Locust on the shore that laid siege to the island until they were fended off. The Gears then used one of the Barque that they hijacked to return to Halvo Bay so that they could launch the missile on Karn. They left the hijacked Assault Barque stationed at a channel near the Wharf District. It is unknown how the Gears managed to operate the vessel.

The Assault Barque's were not seen again by COG forces, or at least no encounter has been mentioned, and they were presumably replaced by Locust Gunboats for yet unknown reasons, although it could be that the Gunboats could carry weapons and were faster than the Assault Barque which were designed for breaching heavily fortified areas by transporting troops.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name of this vehicle is never given in game, however data name for it in Gears of War: Judgment comes up as Barque.[2]
    • The data files of Gears of War: Judgment also state that the creature that propels the vessel at the end of the Barque is a Reaver.[3]


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