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Gears of War Judgment Turrets

Auto-Turrets in Gears of War: Judgment.

The Auto-Turret, also dubbed Sentry Turret or Sentinel, is one of the fortifications introduced in Gears of War 3. It appears in Campaign, Horde 2.0 and Beast mode with the purpose of defending against the Locust.[1] Gears of War: Judgment has three different types of Sentries: Gnashers, machine guns and flamethrowers.

Horde ModeEdit

The turret can be bought for $1000 at Level 1 (unlocked by getting Level 3 Decoy), upgraded for an additional $1500 at Level 3, and maxed out at Level 5. These turrets can be destroyed, but if not by the end of the round, then it can be repaired at the given price. With each upgrade comes higher damage and range. However, it should be noted that at Level 1 they are fairly ineffective, even on Casual.

Level Fortification Build Cost Spending Requirement Notes
1 Light Sentry $1000 Level 4 Decoy
2 Light Sentry Repair 11% Less n/a $15,000
3 Heavy Sentry $1500 $30,000
4 Heavy Sentry Repair 11% Less n/a $90,000
5 Static Sentry $3000 $105,000 Stuns Enemies

(Damages itself as it fires)

6 Static Sentry Repair 11% Less n/a $135,000
7 Incendiary Sentry $3500 $200,000 Requires Horde Command Pack: Highly effective against Berserkers and Lambent Berserkers.

Sentry turrets autonomously attack enemies that enter their field of fire. Light and heavy sentries fire bullets, but the static sentry fires a directed-energy pulse that stuns its targets. Every enemy who enters the range and sight of a sentry can be seen through walls with Tac Com, much like the leader's ability in CTL. The Incendiary Sentry shoots bolts of fire at enemies, and is highly effective against Berserkers and Lambent Berserkers. The range increases with every upgrade.

Beast ModeEdit

The COG utilizes these turrets and will immediately fire upon you within firing range. These turrets may not cause as much damage by themselves, but can be very effective along with the support fire from the Stranded, COG Gears, Heroes, and the Onyx Guard.

They can probably kill off a Ticker quicker but harder on more durable players. If you're quite fragile, avoid these if you can and go for exposed Humans instead until you can get a more resilient Locust.

Lesser enemies like the Ticker, Savage Drone, and Wretches will most likely fall to the turret, but major enemies like the Boomer, Kantus, Bloodmount, and the Berserker will not fall easily.

These turrets can also be destroyed by any Locust you choose, but the higher the level, the easier it will be to destroy.

Gears of War: JudgementEdit

There are 3 different types of sentinels in Gears of War: Judgment. There's the Gnasher Variant, the Flamethrower Variant, and the Ranged Variant. Sentinels can be picked up like power weapons and placed on the ground. As soon as a Sentinel is placed, it activates and will attack Locust until it runs out of ammo. A Sentinel can be picked up and moved more than once. Once a Sentinel runs out of ammo, a player must come up to it and reload it (X). The player manually reloads the ammo, so don't reload a sentinel if it will result in you being downed or killed. These can all be found in Act 1, Chapter 4 of the Campaign.


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