The Attack on Griffin Tower was an attack mounted on Griffin Tower by the Queen's Guard faction of the Locust Horde.



Needing fuel for their Rat Truck in order to reach Endeavor Naval Shipyard and a submarine in order to get to the secret island base of Azura, Delta-One travels to the city of Char and approaches Aaron Griffin for the needed fuel. He sends them to get it from his refinery while he keeps Private Dizzy Wallin as insurance of their return and undertaking the mission. While Delta is getting the cable car from the Lambent-infested refinery, the Queen's Guard, personally led by Queen Myrrah atop her Tempest, launches an attack on Griffin Tower in an attempt to prevent Delta from completing their mission.


As Delta-One prepares to leave the refinery in Char with a shipment of fuel, they are contacted by Private Dizzy Wallin who informs them that Griffin Tower is under attack by Queen Myrrah and her loyal Locust. Delta, from their cable car, witness Queen Myrrah using her Tempest to repeatedly blast the tower before eventually leaving, but leaving behind Palace Guards and Shriekers to finish the job. As Delta makes their way across the crater from the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, two Gas Barges with Palace Guards on them attack the cable car. Delta fends off the Locust barges long enough for the Gas Barges to retreat and them to reach Griffin Tower. Needing to rescue Dizzy, Delta battles their way through the tower, killing the attacking Palace Guards and Shriekers they encounter along the way and doing their best to aid the Stranded. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, all the Stranded they encounter are killed except Aaron Griffin and Dizzy who do their best to hold the Locust off on the tower roof. Reaching the roof, Delta eliminates the last of the Locust forces and saves Dizzy and Griffin.


Only Delta-One and Aaron Griffin survive the attack. Griffin is left furious as he and his people survived the Locust War, the Hammer of Dawn counterattack and even the Lambent, but the squad shows up and they are all wiped out. While he swears revenge on Marcus Fenix for the attack, he leaves for his refinery in a cable car, leaving Delta with the fuel they need to reach the shipyard.

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