Battle of the Slab


Lightmass Offensive


Jilane Massacre

Assault on Franklin's Outpost

Locust War


14 AE


Franklin's Outpost

  • COG victory
  • Stranded pyrrhic victory
    • Locust defeated
    • Stranded forced to abandon outpost

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust symbol Locust Horde



  • At least seven Stranded
  • All Locust
  • Dozens of Kryll

The Assault on Franklin's Outpost was an attack on Stranded leader Franklin Tsoko's outpost in the ruins of Ephyra by the Locust.

Order of BattleEdit

COG Arrival and Checkpoint OneEdit

Before the attack on the outpost, the Locust presence in the area was stirred up by the Coalition of Ordered Governments Lightmass Offensive. COG squad Delta-One arrived at the outpost, and Cpl. Dominic Santiago asked to borrow Franklin Tsoko's APC for the Offensive. Tsoko agreed, but asked that Pvt. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole remain at the outpost while Dom and Sgt. Marcus Fenix got the vehicle, in order to increase the outpost's security.[1] The Locust began attacking the outpost's checkpoints not long after this, causing Franklin to assume that they were planning to attack the outpost as well. He ordered his militia forces to begin preparing for an attack, and told Dom and Marcus to hurry up in getting back with the vehicle. Checkpoint One was lost to Kryll, and Franklin ordered his men to check the lights around the outpost. He and his men then began bringing out their heavy weaponry, in anticipation of a large assault.[2]

Locust AssaultEdit

The Locust soon began their attack, and Kryll swarmed around the area. Baird and Cole assisted in the defense of the outpost, and contacted Marcus and Dom, telling them to hurry back.[2] Aspho Gas Station, an outlying portion of the outpost, was destroyed, but Marcus, Dom, and Chaps managed to escape from it in Laverne and headed towards the outpost. They burned dozens of Kryll on the way using Laverne’s ultra-violet turret.[3] They arrived at the main outpost, and joined Baird, Cole, and several members of the Stranded militia in fighting the heavy Locust assault. They took refuge on the wall the Stranded had established around the perimeter, but most of the Stranded defenders were killed. Several Emergence Holes opened up in the camp, but Delta managed to close them. Eventually, a massive Emergence Hole opened up, swallowing the main part of the camp into the ground. Four Boomers emerged, but were killed by Delta, ending the battle.[4]


The Locust had been fought off, but many of the Stranded defenders had died. Franklin escaped alive, but with the loss of one of the Stranded's largest outposts, many Stranded fled underground to try and seek shelter.[5]


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