Ashes to Ashes is the first chapter of the fourth act of Gears of War 3.


You start off in Char, a town destroyed by the Hammer of Dawn strikes. You will be at walking speed, and Jace will remark on the ash corpses. As you move deeper, you move at running speed, and lose contact with Dizzy. Grab the ammo box near the running point area. As you move deeper, a cutscene occurs where you encounter the Ash Man, one of Aaron Griffin's Stranded. He sets up a trap; two Retro Lancers which spin and fire uncontrollably. Wait for it to occur and start chasing after him.

Pursue the Ash Man quickly, and watch out for traps that he makes. At one point, there's a room you can break in. Loot the weapons inside, although you can pick between the Longshot and the other weapon, along with Bolo Grenades. As you move to the open, the Ash Man quickly drops a cart with a lit propane tank, so move out of the way quickly. As you proceed, you will hear crying coming from a corner. Ignore it, as it is a trap with the two Retro Lancers as said above. As you continue on, the Ash Man sees you and runs out of the way. Keep pursuing him, and then Polyps come out from a ruined building. Deal with them and keep moving.

The Ash Man then knocks over a container filled with Polyps, and Jace remarks on how he is able to trap the Polyps inside. After pursuing him to Aaron's hideout, the Stranded in there begin to open fire on you. Just take cover until the screen begins to rumble, and this signifies the start of the Lambent attack. The Stranded stop firing at you and begin to fire at the Lambent, so start firing on them too. There are only Lambent Drones and Lambent Drudges, so there should be nothing to worry about. Once the last Lambent dies, the Ash Man comes down to talk with you.

The Ash Man then leads you to Aaron Griffin, who has kidnapped Dizzy. Marcus then barters with him for the release of Dizzy if you and your group can grab a missing shipment of Imulsion from the other tower where they produce it.

You then end up in an elevator. At the bottom, leave the elevator, and stock up on any weapons if you have to (there are Hammerburst II's and Retro Lancers. Then open the garage door to start the next act.


  • Recovered Cog Tags #11: Eventually you'll come to an area with a ruined playground. Look on the far left of this area for a small room. The COG Tags are on a body in this room.
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