Ashes to Ashes is a Gears of War 3 trailer released on April 12, 2010 by Gears of War Design Director Cliff Bleszinski, featuring the song Heron Blue by Sun Kil Moon. The trailer presents a downcast and aged Dom, running from Locust in an abandoned city decimated by the Hammer of Dawn. As he is running from the Locust, he trips and sees the charred corpse of a woman who resembles his deceased wife, Maria.

A Locust Drone charges through the body and is about to shoot an apathetic Dom when Marcus and the rest of Delta Squad, including Lt. Stroud, arrive to rescue him and they begin a counterattack against massive amounts of Locust that have acquired the position of Delta and arrive from Emergence Holes.

The Locust and Delta are startled by what appears to be advanced forms of Lambent who have arrived via Lambent Stalks and arrive with Polyps, and other forms of Lambent fighting them off as the Locust are killed off by the Lambent.

The trailer ends with Delta fighting off overwhelming odds as massive amounts of Lambent are attacking Delta; fading to black with, "Brothers, till the end."

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