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Arms Race is a multiplayer game mode in Gears of War 4. It is a team-based version of the Master at Arms game mode from Gears of War: Judgment.

Rules & RegulationsEdit

Two teams of five-a-side compete to get three kills with each of the 13 different weapons available, starting with a Boomshot and ending with a Boltok Pistol. When one team successfully gets three kills with a particular weapon, that team has a three-second countdown before their weapon switches to the next one on the list. All weapon pick-ups on all maps are replaced with ammo boxes.

Weapon Order Edit

  1. Boomshot
  2. Torque Bow
  3. Dropshot
  4. Overkill
  5. Mk 1 Markza
  6. Lancer
  7. Retro Lancer
  8. Hammerburst
  9. Enforcer
  10. Gnasher
  11. Longshot
  12. EMBAR
  13. Boltok Pistol
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