Archives is the seventh chapter of the first act in Gears of War: Judgment. This is the seventh mission of Baird's testimony.


You start the chapter inside the Archives room, and you need to go downstairs to continue your way. The Declassified Mission is just a few meters away.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Kilo Squad claimed to have found and destroyed Locust eggs of unknown origin."

By activating the mission, you'll have to destroy all Serapede eggs you find in your way or else more Serapedes will spawn and fight you. 

After passing through the corridors and destroying several eggs, a Serapede will appear, with Cole commenting he doesn't like bugs. You need to shoot it in the tail until it's dead; it's the only way to kill it. Soon after you finish off the first one, another one attacks you from behind. Kill it too and then destroy all the eggs that are left behind.

As you continue to the next room, more Serapedes attack you, along with Lambent Wretches and Tickers. Deal with them all and go on to the end of the room. There's a Mulcher on the left; it's recommended to keep it as more enemies will attack you. As you reach the end of the room, a Grinder appears above you and begins to fire, however it's near some fuel tanks. Blow them up to save ammo. Also, an E-Hole will open in the middle of the room. Close it with a grenade or wait for the enemies to come out so you can destroy them with the Mulcher.

The Grubs will open a hole in the wall and several Flame Boomers and Grenadiers will come out of it. Shoot their fuel tanks and pass through the hole. There'll be grenades, a Markza, and a new weapon called the Breechshot. It's a powerful weapon, so it's advised to keep it. Afterwards, you go upstairs to another door and the chapter ends.


When you reach the end of the room, go left to the Crimson Omen and head to a dark corner. The COG Tag will appear next to some blood.


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