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Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird fighting a Corpser in Arcade Mode (note the bottom scoreboard).

Arcade is a feature introduced in Gears of War 3. After beating the Campaign, you can return with your co-op buddies to play in a scored competitive version of the Campaign.[1]

During this game mode, players have infinite lives and, upon death, have a 24-second timer till they are allowed to respawn. Unlike Campaign, players are not allowed to carry over weapons into the next chapter and they end up with their default loadout. (example; Clay Carmine, before he enters a new chapter, is holding a Hammerburst and Boomshot. In the next chapter, they are replaced with a Mk 2 Lancer and Torque Bow.)

Mutators can also be added to spice up the gameplay, some adding health when you damage the Locust, or some allowing the player to instantly kill their enemies with a simple punch. While some are just for fun, such as the Big Head mode. Mutators however have to be unlocked in order to be used.

Pop-ups will appear throughout the game to show what you and your friends are achieving.[2]


Multiplayer modes

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