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Anna Meurig's daughter
Biographical information

Ostri Republic

Date of birth

Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

Physical description and equipment




Chronological and political information

Union of Independent Republics

"You won't find her. I mean it. She's a long way from here, so screw you."
— Anna Meurig's daughter to Major Victor Hoffman

Anna Meurig's daughter was a UIR citizen who lived at Aspho Point.


Raid on Aspho PointEdit

When the COG raided Aspho Point, she told Major Victor Hoffman that her mother wasn't there and they would never capture her. Hoffman decided that he would take her as a bargaining chip to force Meurig to come to them, sending her down to wait in a Marlin on the shore with two other captured scientists.[1] As the Marlins escaped from the facility, two Khimeras attacked the boats, and the one she was in was hit and began sinking.[2] She was struggling to stay above water when Dominic Santiago pulled her up into a sitting position, and transferred her to the other boat.[3] She survived when the Marlin was rescued by a Sea Raven.[4]


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