New BossesEdit


David versus Goliath.

Longing for a challenging boss fight? Unfortunately, there's not one here. As the chapter begins, the Locust Corpser appears from the ceiling to prevent you and Dom from moving forward. While the enemy is an imposing beast, a bit of tactical know-how is all you need to bring it down.


Equip a Lancer and target the very bottom of the Corpser's belly. Wait until the reticule turns red (it's still a cinematic object when you start off), and you should be able to get a bead on the soft tissue by attacking from the side. After firing just a few bullets into the belly, stand back and watch as the Corpser rears up, revealing its real weak spot. Target the enemy's chin and unload just a few bullets. When the Corpser screams, it will be forced to retreat backwards.


Repeat the pattern of attacking its underbelly and then following up with a shot to its chin two more times. Before long, you'll have pushed the Corpser onto an unstable part of the terrain, where two large, 'smashable clamps' are the only thing keeping the Corpser alive.


Ready for the end to the briefest and easiest boss fight you've probably ever had? Unload rounds on each of the two clamps and watch as the Corpser sinks into the Imulsion and ultimately dies. This strategy won't even give the Wretches that are pretty much the only possible threat in this fight a chance to spawn. The Corpser will attempt to kill Marcus one last time, but it will fail and sink into the Imulsion for good.


With the enemy dead, notice that there are two regenerating ammo caches near two dead Gears. Refill all your ammo, then continue forward a bit to regroup with Baird and Cole.


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