The Andius Fusiliers at Ragani.

The Andius Fusiliers Regiment was a tank division in the COG Army.


Battle of RaganiEdit

During the Invasion of Kashkur in 17 B.E., the Andius Fusiliers were falling back to Lakar when a group of Indie armor proceeded to cut off their route through the town of Ragani. Howerd Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry was sent in to open the route for them, but took heavy casualties. When the Andius Fusiliers arrived in the city, they opened fire on the remaining Indie vehicles, saving the remaining Gears of the company. The Andius CO then contacted the command center at Lakar in order to inform General Brode and Col. James Choi that they had made it through and linked up with Howerd Company.[1]


A monument in Pelruan dedicated to units that fought in the Pendulum Wars honored the Andius Fusiliers Regiment.[2]


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