Amirale Enka
Production information

Republic of Gorasnaya


UIR Patrol Boat

Technical specifications
Maximum speed

50 knots[1]


At least one gun on the foredeck




The Amirale Enka was a former Republic of Gorasnaya patrol boat that became part of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy after the remnants of the Gorasni joined the COG. She was heavily patched up,[2] and could carry a Marlin.[3]


Escorting Fishing VesselsEdit

After becoming part of the Coalition of Ordered Governments fleet, the Amirale Enka was assigned to escort several fishing trawlers from the town of Pelruan. Yanik Laas piloted the ship, while CPO Frank Muller captained her. Cpl. Dominic Santiago, Cpl. Damon Baird, and Pvt. Samantha Byrne rode along as well to provide security. As they waited on the trawlers to fill up on Oilfish, Baird made several modifications to the Amirale Enka, improving her radar to work at the same time as the comm system, which Yanik was grateful for. After one of the trawlers exploded, the Amirale Enka headed towards its wreckage to investigate,[4] and collected as much of it as possible before returning to port at Vectes Naval Base.[5]


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