Battle of Port Farrall


Lambent Invasion

Ambush outside of Port Farrall

Locust War


Six and a half weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto[1]


In the woods outside of Port Farrall

  • COG victory
  • Indicates to the COG that the Locust might still be organized[2]

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust symbol Locust Horde

  • Several Gears KIA and WIA
  • All Locust forces

The Ambush outside of Port Farrall was the last battle that took place between the COG and the Locust Horde before the COG moved to the island of Vectes.

Order of BattleEdit


Six and a half weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto, Sgt. Rory Andresen wounded a Drone while on patrol in the woods outside of Port Farrall. The next day, two squads, Delta-One and Sigma-Four, were sent to locate and kill it. After discovering multiple blood trails, the Gears realized it was a trap. They suddenly heard two Kantus monks crying out, and the ground erupted behind them.[3]

The First AmbushEdit

Drones and Boomers, around 30 or 40 of them, came out and cut them off from the forest exit. They herded the Gears into proximity mines, taking out several. Sgt. Marcus Fenix directed the Gears into safe cover, and assigned Sgt. Bernadette Mataki to take out the Kantus. As she ran off to find them, Lt. Donneld Mathieson contacted them from the CIC and told them that Bravo-Three was heading to help them. KR Eight-Zero also arrived, but was unable to assist due to the trees blocking pilot Gill Gettner's line of sight. When Bravo-Three arrived, they drove the remaining Locust into Delta and Sigma's line, where the Locust were torn apart by chainsaws.[4]

The Second AmbushEdit

As Marcus got up to thank Bravo-Three, a second ambush occurred, with more Drones and Boomers emerging from behind Bravo. As the three squads dropped back into cover, Pvt. Augustus Cole headed out to find and kill the Kantus, since Bernie had not been heard from for several minutes. He found her in a tree, and she signaled to him where the Kantus were. She took one out with her sniper rifle, and Cole hunted down and killed the second. He rejoined the rest of the Gears fighting the other Locust, and forced them to retreat into a clearing, where the remaining Locust were mowed down by KR Eight-Zero.[5]


After the battle, the surviving Gears collected the bodies and COG Tags of their fallen comrades, as well as a large amount of ammo and weapons the Locust had left behind. Cole and Cpl. Damon Baird retrived Bernie from the tree, where she had become stuck, and Baird presented her a meat cleaver he had taken from a Butcher.[6]


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