Battle of Andius


Hammer of Dawn counterattack

Ambush on Voslov Bridge

Locust War


1 A.E.

  • Convoy destroyed and survivors executed[1]
    • All Locust Troops killed by COG reinforcements
    • Bridge reopens for the remaining 5000 citizens

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust Horde


Sgt. Marcus Fenix


  • COG convoy†
  • One squad

50 Grubs[1]


COG convoy

Heavy, if not all

"Look at those assholes down there. They must have more of our equipment now than us."
Dominic Santiago on the upcoming ambush

The Ambush on Voslov Bridge consisted of two ambushes on the Voslov Bridge in the aftermath of the retreat order to Jacinto Plateau. A Coalition convoy carrying Gears and citizens was ambushed by 50 Drones, leading to the death of all the Gears in the convoy.

Order of BattleEdit

The AmbushEdit

With all military units pulling back to Jacinto, the Locust Horde was emerging ahead of the retreating COG forces. Jannermont and Andius both fell in front of Gear soldiers.[2][3] At least 50 Grubs ambushed the draw-bridge, killing all the Gears in the area and looting all the bodies and vehicles.


"The General says that we have to open that route in the next hour."
— Sherston to Sgt. Marcus Fenix

Sgt. Fenix and his Gears arrived at Voslov Bridge and discovered the massacre, leading Fenix to improvise on taking out the Locust forces. He ordered the draw-bridge opened, causing the abandoned vehicles to fall on the Grubs, while using the rest of the Longspears on a fuel truck, killing many of the Locust.

Opening the BridgeEdit

With all the Grubs dead, the highway was clear for the remaining refugees, but with the realization that no ships could make it down the now blocked river.[4]


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