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Ambush in Central Vectes


Battle of Vectes

Ambush in Grid Charlie-Three

Stranded Insurgency


15 A.E.


Grid Charlie-Three, Vectes

  • Stranded ambushers killed

COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

  • Unknown
  • Around ten insurgents
  • None
  • All

The Ambush in Grid Charlie-Three was an attack by Stranded insurgents on a Coalition of Ordered Governments patrol in the forests of Vectes.

Order of BattleEdit

Encounter in Grid Charlie-FourEdit

Following a Stranded ambush of a Packhorse patrol on one of the roads in central Vectes which killed several Gears, Col. Victor Hoffman dispatched dozens of Gears to search the forests of Vectes for insurgent camps. Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago were one of the search groups, and came under fire in Grid Charlie-Four. However, the insurgents who fired at them ran deeper into the woods, attempting to lure the Gears into a trap. The Gears lost the Stranded's trail, and encountered a squad of Gorasni instead, who were also out hunting Stranded. After an argument between the two groups over war crimes during the Pendulum Wars, they parted ways and resumed patrolling.[1]

Ambush in Grid Charlie-ThreeEdit

As Delta-One resumed their patrol, Marcus located the Stranded's tracks, and he and Dom began following them into Grid Charlie-Three. The Stranded waited in the foliage along the trail, and fired an RPG at the two Gears to begin their ambush. The rocket missed, and Marcus and Dom quickly took cover as they came under fire from two sides. As they returned fire, Marcus contacted Lt. Donneld Mathieson and requested reinforcements as well as giving him their position. Mathieson managed to contact the Gorasni operating in the area and direct them to the ambush site. As their cover began taking more fire, Marcus and Dom charged the Stranded in an attempt to escape. The Gorasni squad then arrived from behind the Stranded's position, and they quickly cut down the insurgents with the help of Delta-One. Once the last Stranded was dead, the Gorasni began to search their bodies, and Marcus and Dom talked with the Gorasni commander about the war crimes committed on both sides during the Pendulum Wars.[1]


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